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MB Hanrahan Artist Muralist Ventura CA

Artist's Statement

I am the daughter of a writer/artist and a model/singer. I always knew I was going to be an artist, and got a lot of encouragement and training from the start. Though born in Ohio, I grew up in LA. I started modeling for artists in high school, and took art classes. I put myself through school on scholarship, receiving a BA, with honors from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Arts from Humboldt State. At Humboldt I concentrated on Photography and Sculpture. After graduating I worked as a professional photographer, videographer, foundry person, and graphic artist. In the mid 80's I began freelancing as a display artist and prop designer for TV and movies. I continued these professions, breaking into mural painting in the late 80's. I moved to Ventura in 1989, and got a studio at ArtCity. I began getting grants and commissions to do murals and sculptures, often in juvenile correctional facilities and schools, or involving some community participation component. I started teaching art classes at Ventura Community College in 1995. In addition to teaching and grants, I continue to support myself as a freelance artist- painting murals, designing merchandise for the music industry, making paintings and installations, creating photographs, modeling, creating and driving ArtCars.

If there is something unique about my artform, it would be that I accommodate the opportunity, and devise the art approach best suited to create an impact. My "art form", which manifests as many art forms, is generally participatory, employs materials and methods in effective but unusual ways, pushes the "envelope" of the institution involved, and is completed by an audience. The crowning glory of making an ArtCar is the reaction of people as you drive by. Murals reflect and enhance their geographical location. My photos are printed and mailed as holiday cards. What the community/student projects lack in polish, they overcompensate in revealing the creative spirit in persons underserved by formal arts access. The projects that have historical or political content engage those previously uninformed.

People are surprised by my work. They find it humorous, clever. Generally, peoples' first impression is positive, and then they say "how did you do this?" ArtCars and murals are not unique. Cave paintings are among the most ancient artforms, and I am sure the Weinermobile and Batmobile made an impression on me as a kid. Because my work is publicly accessible, displayed statewide, and nationally published, it contributes to Ventura's,( my home town,) cultural vitality, and viability elsewhere.